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METAL Treatment Services

“If you can stretch it, wear it out, break it, or burn it up, then you need CryoHeat Metal Treatment.”

The CryoHeat Process provides huge performance gains to metal objects by completely stress reliving the metal. This promotes stronger metal that is more wear resistant, holding greater dimensional stability and capable of dissipating thermal temperatures much easier. CryoHeat has a proprietary process for all different types of metals and they are custom tailored for each application.

CryoHeat Micropolishing produces a surface that has several key advantages over other “superfinishing” techniques or unfinished metal surfaces.  In addition to the aesthetic value for parts that are visible; there are many performance benefits to micropolishing.  The process will pay for itself, due to longer service life, and less part replacement.

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In 2013 CryoHeat Corp. moved from New England to San Diego. During the move, CryoHeat developed a relationship with a local UTV company called Black Rhino Performance, which opened the doors to big opportunities for CryoHeat to improve the strength and performance of UTV parts. Today CryoHeat works closely with a number of professional UTV drivers of the top leading brands and our influence on the UTV market is growing at a rapid pace.

30% Stronger and Race Legal • Fits all years

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