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CryoHeat & Micropolish


The CryoHeat Process makes the steel parts in the UTV engines 28-30% stronger, depending on the type of steel. Aluminum is 18-21% stronger. Service life is increased 250% or better, saving you repair time and money. The UTV parts hold better dimensional stability and greater heat dissipation allowing them to run cooler during operation.

The CryoHeat Micropolishing Process speaks for itself! Once treated it has a 2 or less RA (Roughness Average) making the metal move faster than ever with almost zero friction and resistance. With the friction dramatically reduced you will experience little to no heat and drag which slows down the parts reducing the power from the engine. Faster speeds and power gains are achieved with this process. This is better than any coating or other surface treatment hands down! The micropolishing also promotes for even longer service life, cooler operating temperatures, less friction, and greatly aiding towards cleaner lubricant and sometimes showing zero wear on parts even after long term use. This is extremely important with high speed, high torque applications or anything that is going to be raced on and push to its limitations. Racing applications pick up miles per hour and tenths of seconds quicker quarter mile time just by micropolishing moving parts.

The CryoHeat Process can help increase the strength and service life of every metal part on your UTV. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a podium chasing racer, CryoHeat will make your metal parts stronger, faster and will last significantly longer than stock, ultimately saving you money on replacement parts.

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• 28 – 30% stronger metal
• 250% longer service life
• Removing burrs & machining blemishes
• Achieving an RA (Roughness Average) value of 2 or less (smooth as glass)
• Greatly reduces friction & drag allowing cooler temperatures during operation

• $1099.96

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