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Dirtbike / ATV

CryoHeat Metal Treatment is a great way to achieve serious performance gains in your Motorcycle and ATV with increased throttle response, higher RPMs, more horsepower and unbelievably smooth shifting. Our proprietary process keeps operating temperatures 25 – 35°F cooler, enabling even more hp gains and increasing the service life of all treated parts. Even the clutch has a significant increase in performance after the CryoHeat process, with almost zero fade and 250% longer service life. Aluminum components become 18% stronger after processing and transmission gears and steel engine components become 30% stronger.

Over the years, CryoHeat Metal Treatment has worked with a number of professional motorcycle and ATV racers, winning many pro races and championships. CryoHeat was a big part of Ricky Brabec’s 2014 race program, winning the Baja 1000, clinching the SCORE International, the Best in the Desert and the Hare and Hound National championships all in one year. CryoHeat has also worked with pro athletes such as Robby Bell, winning multiple championships in SCORE International, Best in the Desert, The Glen Helen Endurance Series, WORCS, and the Big 6 GP Series; pro ATV rider Jeremy Gray, winning the 2008 to 2010 US Desert Racing Open Quad Championships and many other race wins and championships; as well as multi GNCC Champion Pro ATV and UTV Yamaha athlete Walker Fowler. Starting 2016, CryoHeat treated transmissions were being used in AMA Supercross and The Outdoor Nationals. In 2017 CryoHeat Processing quadrupled in sales for Supercross and The Outdoor Nationals, not just transmissions but also engines. 2017 has also been a milestone year for CryoHeat treated suspension components, for all types of racing and recreational riding.

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CryoHeat & Micropolish Motorcycle/ATV

• 28 – 30% Stronger Metal
• 250% Longer Service Life
• 25 – 35°F Cooler Operating Temperatures
• Significantly Reduced Friction
• Acceleration and Top End Speed Gains
• Greatly Reduced Clutch Fade – almost to zero
• No Loss of Power at Wide Open Throttle
• At Least Double the Service Life on Every Engine Component After Processing

CryoHeat & Micropolish Single Cylinder Dirt Bike/ATV Configurations
  •  4-Stroke 50CC – 124CC $799.96
  • 4-Stroke 125CC – 500CC $849.96
  • 4-Stroke 501CC – 750CC $949.96
  • 2-Stroke 50CC – 100CC $599.96
  • 2-Stroke 101CC – 500CC $649.96

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CryoHeat & Micropolish Twin Cylinder Motorcycle / ATV Configurations w/ Trans
  •  4-Stroke 500CC – 850CC $999.96
  • 4-Stroke 851CC – 1000CC $1099.96
  • 4-Stroke 1001CC – 2000CC $1199.96
  • 2-Stroke 300CC – 500CC $749.96
  • 2-Stroke 501CC – 1000CC $849.96

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CryoHeat & Micropolish V-Twin Harley Davidson Configurations
  •  Up to 90 Cubic Inches $999.96
  • 91 Cubic Inches – 150 Cubic Inches $1149.96
Engine with Transmission Configuration add $449.96

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CryoHeat & Micropolish In-Line 4 Cylinder w/Trans
  •  600CC – 750CC $999.96
  • 751CC – 900CC $1049.96
  • 901CC – 1100CC $1149.96
  • 1101CC – 1400CC $1249.96

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CryoHeat treating the entire transmission assembly has huge benefits not only in 30% strength and 250% longer service life, but the dimentional stability is greatly enhanced as well. This keeps the shaft from flexing during heavy torque load and acceleration thus allowing more horsepower to be transferred to the rear wheel. The CryoHeat Micropolishing changes the RA (Roughness Average) to a 2 RA or less, which makes the surface incredibly smooth and enables the gears to move on the shafts without getting hung up, so that the transmission has that buttery smooth shifting and allows the shift dogs to engage quicker. An average increase of 2 hp is achieved with a CryoHeat treated transmission.

CryoHeat & Micropolish Transmission
  • Dirt Bike/ATV Transmission $399.96
  • Street Bike/Harley Davidson Transmission $449.96

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The CryoHeat treated forks and rear shock on a motorcycle work smoother with less friction and heat than anything else, including all coatings such as DLC, Nitrate, etc. More information coming soon or contact us with questions at info@cryoheat.com.

CryoHeat Treated Supension $299.96

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There are many other parts on a motorcycle or ATV that benefit from the CryoHeat process. Anything that needs to be stronger or have better wear resistance should be processed. Chains and Sprockets, even an aluminum sprocket, are significantly stronger and have almost 3x the service life after being CryoHeat treated. There are many other applications, such as kickstarter, shifter, brake pedal, clutch lever, hardware bolts, etc. Some of the endurance offroad racers are having us CryoHeat and Micropolish the wheel axles; this makes it much easier and faster to remove in a pit stop during the replacement of tires.

CryoHeat Dirt Bike/ATV
  • Chains $24.96
  • Countershaft Sprocket $9.96
  • Rear Sprocket $14.96

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CryoHeat Street Bike
  • Chains $34.96
  • Countershaft Sprocket $14.96
  • Rear Sprocket $24.96

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Up close with the CRYOHEAT treated counter shaft sprocket that won the 2014 Baja 1000.
1300 miles of wide open pro speeds should destroy this counter shaft sprocket, but did not because it was treated with the CryoHeat Metal Treatment proprietary process.


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