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In manufacturing there are a lot of overhead costs in wear and tear of tools and equipment to perform the various jobs. These costs get passed on to the customer. The CryoHeat Treatment will help reduce that cost to put more money in your pocket and also will enable you to bid more competitively and get even more jobs.

Replace Parts Less Often & Save Money.

Tools and parts can be CryoHeat treated when new or used, sharp or dull. CryoHeat treated tools are easier to re-sharpen and the sharp edge will last much longer.  Endmills and inserts like C-2, M-1, T-1 and more will show longer life 250 to 300%. The results of machining materials from aluminum to titanium and plastic to carbon fiber with the CryoHeat Metal Treatment will pay for itself with better chip management, a reduction in pressure on the cutting tool and less stress on the cutting surface which will allow a 5 to 15% increase in cutting speed. The finish will appear smoother and flatness will be easier to hold.

If your goal is to lower your tooling costs, decrease down time and gain higher levels in performance and longevity from what you currently use then look no further than CryoHeat Metal Treatment.   In the ASM Heat Treat guide over 85% of tool steels listed have cryogenics as the only method to increase dimensional stability after heat-treating. The solution is CryoHeatMetal Treatment, we will cryogenically treat your new or used parts, tools or any metals and achieve the very best performance you can get out of your parts.

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