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Guns / Knives

Guns / Knives

High velocity semi and full automatic guns that are fired multiple times become prone to error from their extremely hot barrels. This often may lead to a greater MOA and/or permanent damage to the weapon. After one CryoHeat Process, Shotguns, Rifles and Pistols all show huge benefits with better accuracy and longevity to the parts that have been treated.

Knives for commercial, personal or industrial use, undergo a tremendous amount of daily use and stress; causing them to dull quickly and need resharpening or are simply disposed of. Kitchen knives, razor blades, shaving knives, hunting and filleting knives and even knives used in manufacturing and pulverizing will all have huge gains in strength, quality and longevity after the CryoHeat Process.

The CryoHeat Process produces more accurate shooting & sharper knives

Gun Benefits
  • The molecular structure changes will create a significant decrease in abrasive wear.
  • Improved strength, durability, toughness and structural stability.
  • Dramatically decreasing barrel heat and fatigue.
  • Promoting greater rust resistance.
  • Velocity increase by 50 to 100 FPS. 
  • More accurate cold bore shots.
  • Actions will function smother.
  • Tighter MOA.
  • Easier cleaning to the parts due to the microscopic imperfections being eliminated with now a tighter lattice sphere after the CryoHeat treatment.


Whether you’re looking to get the cryogenic treatment for a rifle, pistol, shotgun or machine gun from .22 caliber or a tank barrel,  CryoHeat has the experience and capacity to ensure that it is treated accurately and professionally every time.  In times where every shot counts and your life depends on it, CryoHeat helps remove uncertainty and helps shooters perform at their peak performance.  We treat weapons for all branches of the military, private contractors and many other undisclosed agencies protecting top leaders around the world when accuracy and serviceability is critical.

Knife Benefits
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