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Fleet Brake Systems

The CryoHeat Metal Treatment process is well known for treating brake rotors and pads and providing a life expectancy of at least 3 times longer!

Longer life means less costs for you in parts, maintenance and downtime.
Customers experience savings of 50% or better in the total cost of maintaining the brakes in there fleet vehicles. Volume Pricing is available for fleets. Our CryoHeat Process gives you better performance and safer operation eliminating brake fade in overheating conditions!

How Can CryoHeat Help You?

The CryoHeat Process can help stop brake fading & cracking from overheating. While this process was originally developed for high performance racing applications, CryoHeat improves stopping power under heavy braking and longevity in any braking system.


  • The brake system will have 3 times the service life and wear resistance after the CryoHeat treatment.
  • The brakes now dissipate the thermal temperatures much easier and faster allowing the brakes to operate cooler.
  • Brake fade, cracking and overheating will stop from the cooler thermal temperatures and the changes the metals go through after the CryoHeat process.
  • Pads and shoes after the CryoHeat process will dramatically help in decrease temperatures in the entire braking system including the calipers and brake fluid.
  • The brakes will operate quieter with less squeaking.
  • CryoHeat process will stress relieve all the brake parts and realigning the molecular structure with out changing the dimensional shape, color or size.

For maximum performance and a great deal ask for CryoHeat to also treat the calipers for extreme stopping power and virtually eliminating brake fade. This dramatically lowers your rotors, calipers, and brake fluid temperatures. We have seen on average over 135 degrees in temperature decrease.

Types of Vehicles Serviced


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