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Q:   I want to build a ProMod transmission, what is right for me?
A:   Our goal at CryoHeat is to give our customers the very best and sometimes different race course terrain and driving styles require a custom build suitable for our customer and their specific needs.
The CryoHeat ProMod RZR 4WD Transmission: This transmission operates just like the stock transmission with park, reverse, neutral, low and high gear.  This transmission is ideal for any kind of backwoods, fire roads, mudding, desert and racing offroad.
The CryoHeat ProMod RZR 4WD Trans with Removal of Low Speed Gear:  This transmission is designed with high speed driving/racing in mind.  Removing the Low Speed Gear helps reduce a considerable amount of friction, drag and rotating weight, which results in quicker acceleration all the way to top speed. This is ideal for racing The Best in the Desert Series, SNOR SXS Racing Series, and any type of high-speed track or desert racing except for SCORE International – in our experience, SCORE has rugged terrain such as steep inclines, large rocks, deep silt beds, mud and even snow that needs the use of Low Speed Gear.  This is ideal for some recreational drivers looking for more performance.  Keep in mind, in your transmission selection, that your Low Speed Gear space will now also be “Neutral”.
The CryoHeat ProMod RZR 4WD Trans with Removal of Low Speed Gear and Shift Dog Park Delete:  This is the ultimate in Gear Weight Reduction and drag at 11 LBS 1.2 OZ and still having 4WD with High Speed Gear and Reverse.  Recommended for short course racing and closed course racing; however, some desert racers are willing to sacrifice not having Park for a faster operating transmission.  Keep in mind, this transmission will no longer have the Low Speed Gear or Park on the gear selector, both will be “Neutral”.

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