Transmission Reverse Chain

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Add a 3234737CH CryoHeat Reverse Chain.
SKU: 3234737CH-RevChain


Fits:  XP 1000, 900, 570, Ranger, General

Technical info about manufacturing chains and the CryoHeat treated chains:

When a chain is manufactured the pins that hold the links together are pressed and squished at the ends. This causing hundreds of thousands of microscopic fractures, and it’s these fractures cause the chains to stretch prematurely making a misalignment from the chain to the sprocket.  The chain then begins to lose integrity and loosen causing it to start a wave motion from side to side during loading and unloading of its torque tension. This will put grooves on the pins causing larger stress fractures and the rolling functions of the chain no longer operates smoothly causing it to kink. These kinks are a sign of the chain failing before it breaks.

At CryoHeat we have a proprietary process that we use on chains that completely stress relieve the entire part after manufacturing. This allows the chain to operate cooler with less binding. The chain has greater dimensional stability and having a significant amount of friction resistance. With the CryoHeat process stress relieved chain pins are now over 30% stronger than before. This allows the chain to work efficiently for a much longer service life.

At CryoHeat we process all types of chains. Dirt Bike drive chains, O-ring chains, Engine timing chains, chainsaw chains, industrial chains. From small chain driven RC Cars to a dredge chain that is over 10,000 pounds we can do it all.


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