Cryoheat Polaris XP RZR Shift Dog Park Delete Kit

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The CryoHeat Polaris XP RZR Shift Dog Park Delete Kit is very easy to install. This kit deletes 2.5 lbs of rotating mass and 100% removal of extra drag on gears that are not being used while in high speed gear or reverse. We’ve seen an average of 200 RPM gains on top end with a much quicker acceleration. This is perfect for the driver that uses high gear and reverse only, our racers have been extremely successful with this setup in the WORCS Series and Best in The Desert. The combination of the shift dog park delete kit and ProMod for the XP, RZR, Turbo S, and Ranger transmissions will dramatically increase acceleration blowing your competition away from the starting line to the checkered flag. #cryoheat




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