Front Differential Billet Spring Return

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Fits RZR RS1 (2018 – Current), RZR Turbo S (2018 – Current) and RZR Pro XP (2020 – Current)

This RS1 & Turbo S Billet Spring Return will impress you in every way when compared to a factory plastic return.  Not only are they a much better and stronger material, they are hardened anodized to prevent wear and add to longevity and life of the unit.  Tons of material have been added in critical areas such as the engagement tabs.  These tabs are double the thickness of a factory plastic piece.  What this will do for you is ensure that you are not going to shear the plastic tabs off in those rough conditions.  After manufacturing, this spring return goes through our proprietary CryoHeat process. This process stress relieves the entire molecular structure of the part relieving any microscopic impurities and making the part 15% stronger in sheer strength and showing increased wear resistance by over 200%.




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