CryoHeat Turbo S Differential

$1,899.96 $1,899.96


RZR Pro XP / Pro XP 4
RZR Turbo S / Turbo S Velocity
RZR Turbo S 4 / Turbo S 4 Velocity
RZR XP Turbo S / XP Turbo S Velocity
RZR XP 4 Turbo S / XP 4 Turbo S Velocity

An absolute must have for every terrain or competition. The internals are 27% stronger and the cases are 15% stronger. With our proprietary CryoHeat process, stress relieving the entire molecular structure and our Micro Polishing process; the parts move effortlessly while dramatically decreasing friction and heat. You won’t have to worry about getting a replacement anytime soon. This is the complete differential, assembled and ready to install, just add oil. With beefed up internals and already installed the CryoHeat Polaris Front Differential Bearing & Seal Kit (CH1077) and Billet Spring Return (CH1074).  This will take your differential to a new level of strength and performance.




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