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CryoHeat treated and then Micropolished crankshafts will handle significantly more power while keeping incredible dimensional stability with cooler operating temperatures. Almost zero friction is achieved throughout it’s entire rotating mass by cutting down the windage and heat-causing friction in the bearing journal areas.

Valve Springs

Untreated valve springs drop there spring rate very quickly, down to 90% or even as low as 80%. This is taking away valuable valve control at high RPM’s and also causing an inconsistency throughout the RPM range.
CryoHeat treated valve springs perform significantly better than the industry standard valve springs by obtaining its 100% spring rate much longer with much more consistent performance even in extremely high RPM’s and heat. During typical usage, as higher RPM’s are achieved, the spring will actually start to rotate in circles. Without CryoHeat Micropolish this rotation causes friction, and the friction causes the spring to move with a wiggle like the Jell-O effect. The wiggling at high RPM’s is very hard on the spring’s service life and also could be causing valve flotation – robbing the engine of significant power or even causing catastrophic failure. Our CryoHeat Micropolish process makes the springs “slippery when wet”, allowing for a friction-free movement. This allows the spring to perform its duty controlling the valve with precision through any RPM range.

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