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Our involvement in the UTV industry began in 2013. Local racers and UTV enthusiasts quickly saw huge results with CryoHeat processed CV Joints. CryoHeat soon took on factory Yamaha sponsored Dustin Nelson in the Worcs Series and Lucas Off Road Series. Thanks to CryoHeat, the greatly enhanced metals of his race car helped him overcome DNFs and enabled him to win more races and championships. In 2016 Dustin won over 16 races and 2 championships in short course racing.
In 2015 CryoHeat took on Wayne Matlock, racing Score International starting off with the Baja 500. Almost every part of Matlocks RZR 1000 was CryoHeat treated and Micropolished – he finished first place with over a 1 1/2 hour lead and then he also won first place in the Baja 1000. In 2016, Matlock won the Baja 500 again; this put CryoHeat on the map as being a successful business in the UTV industry. As of today, ending the first quarter of 2017, we have CryoHeat treated more than 2000 CV Joints, hundreds of axles, and almost 200 RZR transmissions.

The CryoHeat Process makes the steel parts in the UTV transmission 28-35% Stronger, depending on the type of steel. Aluminum is 18-21% Stronger. Service life is increased 250% or better, saving you repair time and money. The UTV parts hold better dimensional stability and greater heat dissipation allowing them to run cooler during operation.

The Micropolishing Process allows the metal to move with almost zero resistance. This dramatically reduces the friction that causes heat and drag that slows down the parts reducing the power from the engine.
Faster speeds and power gains are achieved with this process.

The CryoHeat Process can help increase the strength and service life of every metal part on your UTV. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a podium chasing racer, CryoHeat will make your metal parts stronger, faster and will last significantly longer than stock, ultimately saving you money on replacement parts.

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