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Our involvement in the UTV industry began in 2013. Local racers and UTV enthusiasts quickly saw huge results with CryoHeat processed CV Joints. CryoHeat soon took on factory Yamaha sponsored Dustin Nelson in the Worcs Series and Lucas Off Road Series. Thanks to CryoHeat, the greatly enhanced metals of his race car helped him overcome DNFs and enabled him to win more races and championships. In 2016 Dustin won over 16 races and 2 championships in short course racing.
In 2015 CryoHeat took on Wayne Matlock, racing Score International starting off with the Baja 500. Almost every part of Matlocks RZR 1000 was CryoHeat treated and Micropolished – he finished first place with over a 1 1/2 hour lead and then he also won first place in the Baja 1000. In 2016, Matlock won the Baja 500 again; this put CryoHeat on the map as being a successful business in the UTV industry. As of today, ending the first quarter of 2017, we have CryoHeat treated more than 2000 CV Joints, hundreds of axles, and almost 200 RZR transmissions.

The CryoHeat Process makes the steel parts in the UTV transmission 28-35% Stronger, depending on the type of steel. Aluminum is 18-21% Stronger. Service life is increased 250% or better, saving you repair time and money. The UTV parts hold better dimensional stability and greater heat dissipation allowing them to run cooler during operation.

The Micropolishing Process allows the metal to move with almost zero resistance. This dramatically reduces the friction that causes heat and drag that slows down the parts reducing the power from the engine.
Faster speeds and power gains are achieved with this process.

The CryoHeat Process can help increase the strength and service life of every metal part on your UTV. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a podium chasing racer, CryoHeat will make your metal parts stronger, faster and will last significantly longer than stock, ultimately saving you money on replacement parts.


CryoHeat Micropolish

This is where it all started, with the CryoHeat Treated and Micropolished Transmissions.

• 28 – 30% Stronger Metal
• 250% Longer Service Life
• 50-100°F Cooler Operating Temperatures
• Significantly Reduced Friction
• Acceleration and Top End Speed Gains

• Polaris-CanAm -Yamaha $849.96
• Polaris 170 $349.96
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The CryoHeat Polaris RZR 4WD ProMod Transmission

The Fastest acceleration all the way to top speed, promoting more engine power to the wheels, nothing beats the CryoHeat ProMod Transmission. We remove over 10 LBS of rotating mass by back-cutting and drilling precision holes in the gears. The transmission shafts have been gun-drilled for unmatched strength, this also removes even more unwanted rotating mass. This transmission is balanced and stronger than stock; perfect for drag racing or high speed endurance. All CryoHeat ProMod Transmissions include and must have our CryoHeat/Micropolishing process.

CryoHeat ProMod RZR 4WD trans $3449.96
Bearings and Assembly Labor not included


CryoHeat ProMod RZR 4WD trans Total weight loss = 10 LBS
With Low Speed Gear Delete Total weight loss = 10 LBS 9.4 OZ
With Low Speed Gear & Shift Dog Park Delete Total weight loss = 12 LBS 2.2 OZ

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CryoHeat Polaris Shift Dog Park Delete Kit

The CryoHeat Polaris Shift Dog Park Delete Kit is very easy to install. This kit deletes 2.5 LBS of rotating mass and 100% removal of extra drag on gears that are not being used in the transmission. This is perfect for the driver that uses high gear and reverse only.

RZR Shift Dog Park Delete Kit $39.96
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The combination of the shift dog park delete kit and gear weight reduction for the RZR transmissions will dramatically increase acceleration from stopped all the way to TopSpeed. At TopSpeed over 200 rpm’s will be achieved from the reduced friction, drag and weight loss to the transmission.

CryoHeat Polaris RZR 2WD Conversion

The CryoHeat Polaris RZR 2WD Conversion eliminates 2 more LBS of rotating mass off the pinion gear and the use the output shaft, which is an additional 5 LBS less of rotating mass and a significantly less amount of drag due to the 90 degree angle gear set. This is for the RZR 1000 NA and the 1000 Turbo (shown in Photos). Combining CryoHeat Polaris RZR 2WD Conversion and CryoHeat Polaris RZR ProMod Transmission with CryoHeat Polaris Shift Dog Park Delete will give you an astonishing 19 LBS less rotating mass.

CryoHeat Polaris RZR 2WD Conversion $ contact for pricing
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CryoHeat Polaris RZR 170 Replacement Final Drive Gear Set

The CryoHeat Polaris RZR 170 Final Drive Gear Set is replacing the two final drive gears in a RZR 170 Transmission; Ring Gear Polaris Part #0454555 and Output Gear Shaft Polaris Part #0454558 with no extra modifications needed. These gears drop in place, easily replacing the original gear set. Stock gear ratio and race legal. Tested and Race-Proven, these gears are CryoHeat treated for a 30% increasement in strength, durability and also Micropolished to dramatically decrease friction.

• Final Drive Gear Set Part #CHMP170SET $324.96

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CryoHeat Transmission Bearing Kits

There are many aftermarket bearing kits on the market for the Polaris RZR UTVs. We sell the same bearing kits, however ours are CryoHeat treated and the CryoHeat Process changes the entire molecular structure of the bearing! This proprietary process gives a strength increasement over 28% and a service life of over 200% longer. The microscopic fractures in the metal from manufacturing are eliminated during the CryoHeat Process. Not only does this make the metal stronger but it allows the metal to dissipate the thermal temperatures faster than ever. Typically, during off-road racing, a non-CryoHeat treated bearing race could get up to over 500ºF, the CryoHeat treated bearing under the same conditions will operate around 200ºF cooler. This saves the life of the bearing by keeping the bearing tolerance for gears and gear shafts properly aligned and helps lower the operating temperatures of the oil, which promotes cleanliness, less viscosity breakdown and longer service life. During the CryoHeat Process, the latisphere (the outside surface of the metal) quenches flatter and smoother, this also helps create less heat and less friction during hard driving and competitive racing.

• Polaris RZR 570 Bearing Kit $299.96
• Polaris RZR 900 Bearing Kit $299.96
• Polaris RZR 1000 Bearing Kit $299.96
• Polaris RZR 1000 Turbo Bearing Kit $319.96

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The CryoHeat CV Joints are the most affordable and highest performing in the industry – 30% stronger, over 250% Longer service life, with operating temperatures dramatically decreased, enabling the CV grease to maintain optimal viscosity. The only CV Joints in the industry that significantly reduces friction, allowing more horsepower to be transferred to the wheels.

• Your CV Joint CryoHeat/Micropolish $59.96
• New CryoHeat Polaris CV Joint $169.96
• Race-Tuned CV Joint add $35
• Disassembly and Cleaning CV Joints Shop Rate $95/hour
• CryoHeat Treated UTV Axle $24.96
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UTV Differentials go through the CryoHeat and Micropolishing processes, giving all parts the same significant gains in strength and service life as those in transmissions above.

CryoHeat/Micropolish Differential

Polaris – CanAm – Yamaha $299.96
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Front Differential Stater Plate

A broken front differential sprag is a common occurrence with the Polaris RZR UTVs. All the stater plates on the market today have sharp manufactured corners and edges that dig into the aluminum sprag, causing misalignment and catastrophic failure. The CryoHeat stater plate is approximately 30% stronger then Micropolished for incredible friction-free movement with no sharp edges. This will greatly enhance the life of your sprag and entire front differential.

CryoHeat Polaris RZR Front Differential Stater Plate $109.96
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• CryoHeat/Micropolish Polaris Engine $899.96
• CryoHeat/Micropolish Yamaha YZX Engine $949.96
• CryoHeat/Micropolish Can-Am Maverick Engine $949.96
• CryoHeat Brake Rotor $19.96
• CryoHeat Axles $29.96
• CryoHeat Spindle $29.96
• CryoHeat Suspension Parts, Heim Joints, Ball Joints, Bolts, etc. $ contact for pricing
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