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The CryoHeat Proprietary Process

Longer Lasting Parts & Higher Performance for all your Motorsports vehicles. The Cryoheat Process significantly reduces electrical resistance from point A to B by realigning the microstructure and eliminating microscopic stress fractures in the metal – this will help in the performance of spark plugs and wires.
The CryoHeat Cryogenic Metal Treatment is a one-time treatment for the life span of a metal object that improves the entire structure, not just the surface. This gives your parts stability, reliability, eliminating microscopic stress fractures, promoting cooler running thermal temperatures and a longer service life to your parts.


  • Dimensional stability for moving or static parts
  • Strengthening from 18% – 50%
  • 2.5 times or greater wear resistance
  • Removes stresses in metal from manufacturing and heat treating
  • Dissipating of heat faster and more evenly
  • No more hot-spots in metal
  • Engine break in period is greatly reduced
  • More horsepower and higher RPM’s
  • Increased value of builder’s warranties
  • Greatly expanding cost savings


CryoHeat Metal Treatment treats every part of your engine, transmission and driveline parts; in doing so, this removes the weakest link, so you can finish the race saving money and WIN!



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